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'Welsh Wizards' by Alternate Historian Robbie Taylor
Alternate Historian Alternate Historian Robbie Taylor says, Welsh Wizards from the first millenia feature in this tale from the Ratman. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit Ratmanifesto site.

January 22

In 902, with their temporary truce over, the wizards of Wales leave Rhonwen's fortress. Although she complains bitterly that they are not going to stay to help her repair the damage, she is most upset at losing the companionship of her fellow wise ones. She approaches Atticus, wizard of lightning, and broaches the possibility of a Welsh Wizard's Council.

January 21
In 902, Lebuin's Christian forces, now down to less than a hundred, break down the defenses of Rhonwen's fortress by the sea and storm into the castle. Their numbers are further reduced by deadly traps inside the fortress that have been devised by the wizards of Wales, and the pitiful handful that manage to stumble out of the keep alive are driven off by the combined forces of Merlin's dragon and Atticus' golem. Lebuin vows to return with a stronger force and destroy the wizards.

January 20
In 902, the Christian zealot Lebuin attacks the fortress of Rhonwen, mistress of the sea, with a force of over three hundred men. He had meant to have a thousand, but his men had been slowly decimated by harassments the wizards had placed along his path, and now he was left with only those who had survived and had no fear of the wizards of Wales.

January 2
In 902, the wizard Atticus journeys to see Merlin.

January 7
In 902, after a couple of days of consultation with Merlin, Atticus, wizard of lightning, leaves the legendary wizard's castle to journey to his next destination, the witch Rhonwen, mistress of the sea, on the coast of Wales. Meanwhile, the forces of the Christian zealot Lebuin march into Wales.

January 12
In 902, Rhonwen, mistress of the sea, and Atticus, wizard of lightning, send a challenge to the Christian zealot Lebuin, telling him to meet the wizards of Wales at Rhonwen's fortess in a week's time. Two other wizards, as well as Merlin, are already on their way to Rhonwen's coastal home, with supplies that will make the already-formidable keep the strongest place in all of Britain.

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