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'Trotsky's War' by Guest Historian Eric Oppen
Guest Historian Guest Historian Eric Oppen says, Trotsky's War - An Alternate Second World War. Point of Departure: In 1918, two unnoticed deaths: Adolf Hitler dies of gas and complications in a German military hospital, and Josef Visarionovich Stalin dies of typhus during the Russian Civil War. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit the Live Journal web site.

November 11

In 1918, on this day the Great War ends.

At the news of German's defeat, an Austrian-born corporal in a Bavarian regiment, Adolf Hitler, loses his will to go on living and succumbs to the complications of having been gassed.

 - Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

December 8

In 1918, on this day in Russia, a louse bites a high-ranking Bolshevik of Georgian birth, Josef Stalin, and infects him with typhus.

He succumbs to the disease.

 - Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin

May 15

In 1919, this day is marked by great unrest in Germany, as the Freikorps fight against leftist rebels.

The Russian Civil War grinds on. The Hungarian communist government is destroyed, to be replaced by a 'monarchy without a monarch' under Admiral Horthy.

 - Admiral Horthy
Admiral Horthy

March 13

In 1918, the Kapp Putsch ~ right-wing attempt to take over the German government foiled by strike by Social-Democratic government workers; the putschists have no way to run things without these people.

 - Kapp Putsch
Kapp Putsch

June 17

In 1922, the Russian Civil War comes to an end, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is declared.

 - Russian Civil War
Russian Civil War

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