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'Seinfeld the Movie' by Guest Historian Gerry Shannon
Guest Historian Guest Historian Gerry Shannon says, speculation about the Seinfeld and The Michael Richards Show shows. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit Todayinah site.
Seinfeld in 'Time'

August 24

Michael Richards

In 2005, in a promotional interview for his appearance in Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm, sitcom star Michael Richards revealed it was relatively easy for him and Jerry Seinfeld to make up and get to work on the Seinfeld Movie, currently in pre-production. Richards recalled: "I read Jerry was dissing me at a stand-up when I extended the olive branch, and I got pretty cut up about it".

Michael Richards - Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

But Richards reveals he was shocked not long after, "And then two days later, Jerry actually called. He was even more cut up that he was quoted out of context, and went on to say he brought up how much he enjoyed working with me and that I could ask any of the few hundred who went out to see him that night".But the sitcom star laughed off any attempts to reveal any plot-points of the up-coming film, "I don't know, we're still writing it! I've heard some vague ideas, and given some suggestions, but I don't think Jerry would be too impressed if I revealled them, and I intend to make sure he and I stay in each other's good books for a long, long time".

June 14

In 1999, film industry magazine Variety reports that comedian and television actor Jerry Seinfeld is trying to kick-start a feature film spin-off based on his popular sitcom, Seinfeld.

Seinfeld had previous off-handedly hinted at such a possibility in a Time magazine interview on the sitcom's series finale, which was broadcast over a year ago. However, he is disappointed to learn that cast member Michael Richards, who played wacky neighbour, Cosmo Kramer, has absoloutly no interest - saying he is trying to develop the television pilot for his own sitcom, The Michael Richards Show.


Seinfeld feels his owes viewers after the disappointing reaction to the series finale, but is willing to wait on Richards and see how his new show fares. Over a year ago. Seinfeld was quoted as saying off-handedly: "A movie? Maybe, I've never really thought about it... but it's definitely over for these characters in a sitcom. There's only so far you can go in that format".

September 24

In 2000, The Michael Richards Show debuts on NBC, featuring Seinfeld star Michael Richards as private eye Vic Nardozza who somehow manages to solve his cases despite his hilariously unconventional methods.

Though the first few episodes were critically derided, it surprised many by being a general ratings success and scoring high on the Nielsen ratings. It was then picked up for a full season order of 22 episodes.

Cast - Michael Richards Show
Michael Richards Show

Not to mention killing off early rumours of a 'Seinfeld curse' that would plague the lead cast members from finding success after Seinfeld. This particular show's popularity killed off early rumours of Richards winning an Emmy each year for the lead role - his wildly inventive physical comedy oft-cited as the chief reason for it's success.

September 15

In 2003, in an interview for the fourth season of The Michael Richards Show sitcom, the titular star reveals he and Jerry Seinfeld, his co-star on Seinfeld, are no longer on speaking terms.

"A few years ago, Jerry was disappointed I wasn't interested in doing a Seinfeld movie, because I wanted do my own show, and I guess he just took it the wrong way".

 - Michael Richards
Michael Richards

However, Richards says he has nothing but good memories of his time on the show, and particularly with it's leading man, "We had a lot of laughs.
And Jerry was to thank for a lot of the family unity we had in the cast and crew. I still talk to Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] and Jason [Alexander] a lot. They know I never said never to never playing Cosmo again, so the ball's in Jerry's court if he wants to call me".

September 19

In 2003, it is reported that comedian and television star Jerry Seinfeld has blasted his former Seinfeld co-star, Michael Richards, the night before in a routine whilst doing stand-up in New York.

In a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, popular sitcom star Richards says it's Seinfeld himself to blame for the hold-up on the Seinfeld movie, saying he took Richards' initial refusal to return as Cosmo Kramer "the wrong way".

 - Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld is said to have mocked Richards' comments: "And he says the ball is in my court? Y'know, Michael, I didn't even know we were on the first set!"

A source close to Richards later that day simply says, "Michael is very disappointed Jerry brought up their private dispute this way".

September 21

In 2004, on this day shortly after the season premiere of the fifth (and last) season of The Michael Richards Show, the titular star and his former Seinfeld so-star, Jerry Seinfeld, are spotted having dinner together in Greenwich Village.

It instantly sparks rumours the pair have made up in their long-standing dispute and pointed forward to the inevitability of a on-screen Seinfeld reunion.


Such speculation was fuelled earlier in the year, while Richards agreed to participate in special features for the up-coming Seinfeld DVD sets. (Though notably both men were the only two cast members not to record a DVD commentary together). Both men's agents quickly quashed the rumours, Seinfeld's agent only going so far as to say, "They're old friends, and they still respect each other a lot, but they had more important issues to work out then a long-rumoured movie that may never happen".

September 12
Larry David

In 2005, comedian Larry David reveals to Entertainment Weekly he will have no part in the writing of the upcoming Seinfeld Movie - despite it being based on the popular sitcom he co-created. David cites his work on his HBO sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm as the chief reason for his lack of involvement, but also points out he similarly had no involvement in the last two seasons of Seinfeld: "And then I came back to co-write the last episode, and needless to say the reaction to that left me cold, so I think I've said all I can on those characters. But I'm sure Jerry's cooking something special, I talk to him every day - his enthusiasm is kinda infectious".

Larry David - Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

David also says he would be interested in perhaps a cameo as New York Yankees boss George Steinbrenner, a role he played off-screen in the sitcom.

January 2

In 2006, actor Wayne Knight confirms in an interview he will return as Jerry Seinfeld's arch-nemesis, the postman Newman, in The Seinfeld Movie. Though Knight has lost considerable weight since he last played the role, he mentions that the weight loss for Newman "will be integrated into the script and, as I understand it, be something of a running joke in the story" The film begins shooting in March.

 - Wayne Knight
Wayne Knight

March 17

In 2006, director Andy Ackerman is forced to call a temporary halt to filming of The Seinfeld Movie on location in New York, and only after the first week of shooting.

This is due to constant disruption caused by those taking part in the Seinfeld Reality Tours, which is run by comedian Kenny Kramer - he being the inspiration for the Cosmo Kramer character. Jerry Seinfeld, meanwhile, is reportedly furious over the real-life Kramer's actions and he and Dreamworks Studios threaten to sue.

 - Kenny Kramer
Kenny Kramer

April 27

In 2006, two weeks to the end of the New York shoot of The Seinfeld Movie, actor Jason Alexander (who plays George Constanza) is injured in an on-set accident involving a sequence in which he persues a post-van driven by Newman (Wayne Knight) on a hot-dog stand down a crowded street.

Alexander is said to have under-estimated a turn and fallen off the prop.

 - Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander

A member of the production is quoted as saying, "It looks like Jason hurt his wrist pretty bad, but beyond that, he was just left with a couple of cuts and bruises". Director Andy Ackerman quickly re-scheduled Alexander's remaining scenes for the following week, and friends of the actor say he is confident he will be back on set for the end of the shoot.

May 19

In 2006, in a tongue-in-cheek promotion for the highly anticipated The Seinfeld Movie which completed pick-up shooting the week before, Jerry Seinfeld makes several appearances at the Cannes Film Festival distributing soups outside the various screenings alongside Larry Thomas playing the Soup Nazi, a cult favourite character from the sitcom of which the film is a spin-off.

 - Soup Nazi
Soup Nazi

It would appear to confirm rumours that the film's storyline is about Seinfeld trying to help Kramer run a soup franchise set-up by the Soup Nazi in New York, but the comedian remained tight-lipped as ever. Though the film is still nearly a year away, Seinfeld is determined to prove to Dreamworks they have not invested too much in it, and so begins a long line of media appearances to drum up the hype.

November 16

In 2006, sitcom star Michael Richards gets into trouble when doing stand-up at The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, California. A group of hecklers threaten to totally disrupt his preformance, and Richards suggests the group go on-stage and try and pull off a better show then him.

 - Michael Richards Show
Michael Richards Show

The group, all slightly intoxicated, agree to Richards' dare and are humiliated as they attempt to do so - with Richards heckling them from the front row in what one audience member said was, "One of the more inspired moments of stand-up I've ever seen. And it was clear to everyone it was't planned".

The trouble-makers were then removed from the premises, but in a statement the next day, The Laugh Factory banned Richards from ever appearing again, citing his rather "reckless decision to let a small group of audience members take over a show when others had turned up having paid to see [Richards]". However, mobile phone videos of the event are widely circled across YouTube and other media outlets, and Richards himself enjoys quite a revival of his stand-up act in the following months - getting repeated requests to appear in venues across the States and Europe.

October 22

In 2007, given the surprising box office success of The Seinfeld Movie, comedian Jerry Seinfeld finally ends months of speculation by announcing the development of The Seinfeld Sequel.

However, beyond a pitch to Dreamworks Studio, the project is put on hold until after the resolution of the 2007-08 Writer's Guild Strike that engulfs Hollywood.

 - Seinfeld

September 21

In 2008, in an interview after winning her second Emmy for the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus admits surprise at the non-backlash by audiences to the conclusion of The Seinfeld Movie

After hints throughout, Dreyfus' Elaine Benes and the fictional version of Jerry Seinfeld played by the comedian himself hook up and get engaged.

 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"I actually begged Jerry and the other writers not to go that direction", the sitcom star admits, "... not because I don't think the characters would do that. But we tried that in an early season of the show, and it just didn't gel for viewers at all. But I guess by some weird process it managed to work this time. That the engagement came about as a result of a ridiculous dare on Elaine's part, and Jerry agreed to it I thought was very true to how wonderfully shallow those two can be". Louis-Dreyfus confirms that the highly-anticipated follow-up, The Seinfeld Sequel, is set to begin shooting in New York this coming February. It is scheduled for release in the latter half of 2009.

July 24

In 1949, on this day Michael Anthony Richards is born in Culver City, California.

A popular stand-up comedian and sometimes actor, Richards and his unique brand of physical comedy would become famous by way of his dual sitcom roles as wacky neighbour Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld (1989 - 1998) and bumbling private investigator Vic Nardozza on The Michael Richards Show (2000 - 2005). Between both these shows, Richards would win eight Emmy awards. He later reprised his role as Kramer on the four feature film spin-offs The Seinfeld Movie (2007), The Senfeld Sequel (2009), The Seinfeld Threequel (2010) and The End of the Seinfeld Trilogy (2012).

 - Michael Richards Show
Michael Richards Show

April 29

In 1954, on this day Jerome Allen 'Jerry' Seinfeld is born in Brooklyn, New York.

Seinfeld would rise to fame in preforming stand-up with his unique brand of observational humour, beginning with a successful appearance on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; which lead to further appearances on Late Night With David Letterman and The Merv Griffin Show.

 - Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

However, he is perhaps best known for playing a semi-fictional version of himself in the situation comedy, Seinfeld, which was broadcast from 1989-99. Seinfeld co-created the show with comedian Larry David, and was credited as an executive producer and co-writer throughout it's run. Following the poorly recieved series finale, he made his next major forray into media beginning in 2007 with a string of film spin-offs based on the popular sitcom: The Seinfeld Movie, The Seinfeld Sequel, The Seinfeld Threequel, and the jokingly-titled, The End Of The Seinfeld Trilogy.

January 9

In 2007, actor Jason Alexander rubbished reports in a press interview that comedian Jerry Seinfeld is disrespecting Seinfeld co-creator Larry David's contribution to the popular sitcom, considering the latter has nothing to do with the development of the feature-length spin-off.

 - Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander

"That's just speculation that cropped up online. We all still talk to Larry a lot", Jason explains, "And I know he suggested one or two ideas in the writing process. Funnily enough, me and Jerry were saying only recently it was Larry's own show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, that really got us confident a movie of Seinfeld could work... considering a lot of it is the same humour done with really great style". The Seinfeld Movie sees worldwide release on the 7th February, 2007.

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