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November 6

In 1963, in the city of Midland, Texas 17-year-old year old Laura Welch was driving her Chevrolet sedan on a clear night shortly after 8 p.m. when she drove illegally into an intersection. Welch struck a Corvair sedan killinh the driver, 17-year-old Michael Douglas who was thrown from the car and broke his neck. The Police report stated that the sedan was travelling at 60 mph, and the speed limit for the road was 55. Both Welch Bush and her passenger, Judy Dykes, also 17, were taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries where it was established they had both been drinking. It also emerged that tragically Michael Douglas was the ex-boyfriend of Laura Welch. The police report indicates charges for vehicular manslaughter were filed.

November 7
In 1963, a freelance story in the Midland Reporter-Telegram stated that an 'unidentified teenager ran a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing her boyfriend who was driving it...What's the odds of running a stop sign and killing your boyfriend????

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