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December 25

In 1918, Muhammad Anwar El Sadat was born in Mit Abu al-Kumt. A man of peace and integrity, his life was cut short by an insidious force that sought to destroy the great nation of Egypt. Most tragic of all, this aspiring young officer was shot dead in a hail of gunfire from a group of soldiers who believed they were simply doing their duty.The Cold-Blooded Murder of Anwar Sadat

"As a young man, Sadat's experience convinced him the British hold over Egypt was unjust. A man named Zahran, who came from a small village like his, was hanged for taking part in a protest in which a British officer had been killed. His courage as he made his way through the streets to his death impressed the young Sadat enormously. Surging forward with the crowd, Sadat was shot dead by the escourt of British soldiers". ~ Cold Blooded Killings by Charlotte Greig

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