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December 24

In 1939, with Nazi UFOs poised to wipe out the Eastern European and Western Russian populations of the Soviet Union, a new and insidious force emerged in "the Bloodlands" of their future battlefield: the enemy that Hitler had always imagined - the Greater Zionist Resistance (GZR).

The Rise of the GZRFirst proposed at the Congress for Safeguarding of Non-Jewish Interests held in Dresden, Germany in 1882, this paramilitary unit was secrely formed by the Jewish officers of the NKVD that had sown the seeds of anti-semitism during Stalin's purges.

And their orders to shoot political dissidents in advance of the Nazi invasion was all but certain to make willing executioners of the German-friendly elements of the gentile population who would welcome the invaders as liberators. Instead, they would form a "stay behind" organization that would prevent such an alliance from ever forming.

But the mad aspirations of Hitler's mind had expanded with the successful development of super-weaponry. A grander vision had now taken the place of the "lebensraum" dreams he penned as a political prisoner in "Mein Kampf". And as events turned out, Nazi inhumanity extended to Slavs as well, and Hitler made unnecessary enemies of the people of the occupied territories which he planned to completely depopulate. Because the Aryan race and their alien allies would be more faithfully served by robots instead of the Slavs.

As the troop formations of the Red Army were swept away, the Wehrmacht raced towards Moscow and a bloody siege of street-to-to-street facing that would last for six months. The GZR would score early successes by creating havoc in the German supply chain. By the end of 1940, Ribbentrop and Molotov would sit down to negotiate a ceasefire that would enable both nations to team up against the GZR which was by now a putative authority, the new masters of "the Bloodlands".
A rather different timeline for the origination of the GZR was proposed in Robbie Taylor's excellent novella Protocols of the Elders of Zion, gotta love it.

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