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December 23

In 2011, Occupy Apple Campus was electrified by the unexpected arrival of a new protestor: Steve Jobs.

Occupy Apple Campus 2
By Ed and Robbie Taylor
A near-miraculous temporary recovery from pancreatic cancer had forced the co-founder of Apple to completely re-evaluate many of his core beliefs. After his retirement on medical grounds, he appeared on a number of television and radio interviews, expressing increasingly maverick opinions. This quaint controversy only led to a complete break with the company when he remorsefully admitted to the "soft-bullying" of his subordinates. In a cruel self-parody of his former self, he joked "Thats the most stupid thing I have ever heard!" to express his profound regrets over his business decision to outsource the manufacturing of Apple products to China. That judgement in particular had defined his demonized status an an enemy of the American working man.

Of course Jobs biggest regret of all was delaying medical treatment in 2004 when his medium-term survival prospects were far better. Because he had recently discovered that the cancer was back and he only had months to live. He immediately announced his desire to use the remaining time he had left to become a friend of the American worker. And even though he was a marketing genius, he expressed doubt that he could actually pull off such a complete rebadge. But then he received the fateful call from US blue-collar labour advocate George Lucas inviting him to join the protest in Cupertino. It was a home-spun truism that was driving the campaign of Democrat Presidential front-runner Charlie Bucket with his key platform message - "one day, things will change, and probably when you least expect it". Watch Cheer up Charlie on Youtube!
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