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December 19

In 1984, at the Keir Hardie Motor Company in Dagenham, Essex workers and their families were entaintained by a modern adaption of "A Christmas Carol" updated from the original version written by the author and social reform advocate Charles Dickens.
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Bah, Humbug!Set in the early Victorian era, the genius of Dickens was his penmanship of such a stark portrayal of the British Class War; the harsh face of industrial capitalism was personified by the brutal money-changer, Ebeneezer Scrooge and the down-trodden British working class by his maltreated clerk, Bob Cratchit.

As the play develops from this transparent metaphor of abusive industrial relations, the true evil of the capitalists' inhumanity begins to emerge in Scrooge's callous indifference to Cratchit's ailing invalid son, Tiny Tim. Unwilling to grasp that his fortune could pay for the healthcare that could save his life, the play ends on a sad note with the Cratchit's mournfully eating Christmas dinner without Tiny Tim whose abandoned crutch stands at the fireplace.

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