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December 17

In 2011, at the Chrysler Factory in Toledo, Ohio Democrat Presidential front-runner Charlie Bucket assured car workers that "one day, things will change, and probably when you least expect it".
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Blue Collar FightbackHe believed it was a homespun piece of wisdom as true today as it was over forty years before when his mother spoke those words of comfort in her launderette when he had the blues. Despite the crushing poverty of their blue collar lives, her loving truth was a more powerful magic than all the chocolate in the nearby Wonka factory. And sure enough, only days later, he found the final golden ticket tucked in a Wonka bar, purchased with a dollar coin that he found on the street.

Of course Wonka himself had something of epiphany too. After his recipes were stolen by industrial spies, he fired all his American employees, among them Charlie's Grandpa Joe. But he relented, rediscovered his trust in the magic in the human spirit and launched the world famous competition that saw Bucket take over the factory.

Sure Charlie had some problems too, but the key thing was, amongst the wealthier international competitors, he had been hand-picked for the richness of his inner spirit. Which was why today, the new Candyman could deliver change that we can believe in. And true hope that wasn't misplaced on the shoulders of a man of mystery.
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