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December 16

In 738 ZRE, on this day of Spendarmad the three Zoroastrian Monks followed the eastern star into the Roman Province of Iudaea.

The Coming of the Magi
By Ed and Jackie Speel
Along their great journey from Medes in northern Persia, the true purpose of their divine mission had been slowly revealed to them in dreams (and nightmares) by the Creator Ahura Mazda. They would travel first to Herodian Jerusalem where they would announce the birth of the newborn King of the Jews in the village of Bethlehem. This announcement would provoke the Roman client King into ordering the execution of all young male children so as to avoid the loss of his own throne.

And so the family of the baby Jesus would be willingly taken to safety out of Iudaea. In the fire temple there would come a great strengthening of the waters. And from this holy transformation would emerge a great prophet in the shadow of the exalted deity of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda. Throughout Middle World he would teach the union of the soul (urvan) with its guardian spirit (fravashi). And set Zoroastrianism on its proper path to the world's greatest modern religion. This article is part of the Zoroastrian Jesus thread.

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