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December 12

In 2012, on this day An Unexpected Journey, the first part of Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of the Inklings' 1937 collaborative novel The Witch, the Hobbit and the Wardrobe premiered in cinemas across North America.

The Witch, the Hobbit and the Wardrobe
An Unexpected Journey
Set in the metaphorical pre-war land of Narnia, the four Aryan-looking Pevensie Children enter a cruel world that is forever winter but Christmas never comes. The cause of this misery becomes immediately evident when Peter Pevensie casually encounters Jadis the Witch Queen and her malign dwarf henchman (pictured). Returning with his siblings Edmund, Lucy and Susan, they sets upon a quest to bring Christmas.

Greeted by Tumnus the Faun minutes after returning, he discovers that years have passed in Narnia and the endless winter world is thawing because the Queen has lost a ring of power that has greatly diminished her control. They set out on an An Unexpected Journey to find the Hobbit into whose possession the Ring has fallen, setting up a final confrontation that will determine the mastery of Narnia forever.

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