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December 2

In 1985, following the publication of Rorschach's Journal in the New Frontiersman, Senator John David Keene demanded the formation of a committee of the United States House of Representatives to investigate the allegations against Veidt Enterprises. Click to watch The Keene Act & YOU (1977) on Youtube

Rorschach's Journal First elected as a Republican Senator in 1972, four years later Keene allied himself with the New York Police Officer's Union on protesting at the liberties taken by the masked adventurers. The following year after the Police Strike, he tabled the infamous Keene Act, which banned costumed crime-fighters save those sanctioned by the government. Though The Crimebusters were forced to stop their crime-fighting ways, some (namely Rorschach) chose not to stop, wreaking havoc and evading the police instead.

And so despite this emergency Registration Act, it now appeared that the so-called Watchmen had continued their activities illegally over the past nine years. Most disturbingly perhaps, the spirit of a bogus uniting threat from Doctor Manhattan had been manufactured by the megalomaniac Adrian Veidt.

Already, Keene was being hailed as a leading candidate for the 1988 race when five-term President Richard Nixon was finally planning to retire from the White House. However the relevations in Rorschach's Journal were threatening to destroy his legacy, raising fresh questions about the addition of his image as a fifth face on Mount Rushmore.

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