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November 23

In 1963, on this day Winston Lawson of the Secret Service paid off Harold Doyle, John Forester Gedney and Gus W. Abrams. All three were always on the go hopping trains and drinking wine. The day before they had gotten fresh clothes, showered, shaved and had a meal. They headed back to the railroad yard when they heard all the commotion and sirens and everything, and they asked what happened. They were told the president had been shot. Doyle settled down in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Gedney moved to Melbourne, Florida, where he served as a municipal officer, a respected member of the community who had not spoken about former life as a vagabond until interviewed by researcher Billy Cox, and by the FBI in 1993. It was a small price to pay for signing some fake rap sheets. And having a photo swapped with one of E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and Daniel Carswell.


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