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October 23

In 1924, on this day former actor and journalist Ret Marut [the Man Known as B. Traven] succeeded Anton Drexler as the President of the German Workers' Party (DAP).

The Plot Against Germany 7 The Man Known as B. TravenHe had first become politically engaged in 1917 when he started to publish the periodical Der Ziegelbrenner (The Brick Burner) with a clearly anarchistic profile. Two years later the Bavarian Soviet Republic (BSR) was proclaimed in Munich. He was appointed director of the press division and also a member of the propaganda committee.

During this crazy period he had become acquainted with a fellow Bohemian Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler (pictured) who had briefly served with the forces of the BSR. Hitler subsequently introduced Marut into the DAP, although at that stage, no one was aware that he was actually a military infiltrator bent on wrecking the Nazi Party from the inside. An article from the asynchronous Chancellor Ernst Thalmänn thread.

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