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November 13

In 1964, the King of Soul Sam Cooke gave a press conference in Los Angeles, in which he claimed that he had been the victim of an attempted mob hit just two days before.

Sam Cooke SetupIn being one of the first African American musicians to attempt to take control of his own destiny, Cooke attended to the business side of his musical career and in so doing clashed with the rocket label, the mob and the Nation of Islam. He had abandoned his backers and some shadowy people were severely out of pocket.

The hit had been carefully stage managed. He had checked into the the Hacienda Hotel, a cheap hotel where he could meet with new potential backers. Whilst showering, all of his clothes had been stolen from the room. Cooke had approached the Motel Manager wearing just a towel, and she had immediately began to scream rape. Whereupon two men set upon Cooke who barely escaped with is life. Police investigations could not trace either the Motel Manager or the two guests, which Cooke believed was further evidence of a setup.

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