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November 9

It is Nov 9 1923, and Adolf Hitler's effort to take over the Munich government ends abruptly when the soldiers and police defeat his Beer Hall Putsch (named in honor of the tavern where the uprising started).

The Return of the KaiserHe flees to the home of an American supporter named Helen Hanfstaegnl, determined to commit suicide there. She struggles to take the gun from him, but to no avail, and he is soon lying dead at her feet.

His second-in-command of the Nazi Party is Ernst Rohm, the leader of the Stormtroopers, who tries to take Hitler's place. But Rohm is fat, homely and beset by rumors of homosexuality. Completely lacking in Hitler's compelling charisma, he soon sees the Nazis and Communists constantly battling each other. Helpless to stop them, he soon flees the country.

Seeing their nation collapsing into chaos, the soldiers who had demanded Kaiser Wilhelm II's abdication during the last days of the Great War are now calling for his return. They make a startling alliance with the socialists, who still remember the Kaiser's public commitment to helping the workers, most notably the mistreated miners. As for the former Allied leaders, they are now coming to see their old arch-enemy as a welcome voice of moderation calming his chaotic land. And, of course, there is still a staunch group of monarchists who have longbeen encouraging his return.

Bolstered by all the widespread encouragement, he soon leaves his castle in Holland and returns home to cheering crowds, along with his lovely second wife Princess Hermine and his handsome son, the Crown Prince Frederick William.

By winning the admiration of the right- and left-wing alike, the Kaiser (pictured) is able to inspire patriotism, pride and proletarian sympathies. He also warns the crowds that he will ruthlessly crush all Jew baiting, thus impressing them with his stern, sincere commitment to an unpopular cause. Not surprisingly, his great-grandson Frederick Nicholas is ruling Germany to this day.

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