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November 8


In 1994, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas is defeated for re-election by Republican Mike Huckabee.

A significant factor in Clinton's defeat is the whiff of scandal still clinging to him in the wake of his failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination two years earlier.

Governor - Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Clinton had sought the support of former President Edward M. Kennedy in his gubernatorial run, but Kennedy, wary of being tainted by association with Clinton's alleged financial and extramarital misconduct, had turned him down. Clinton and many of his supporters will be convinced that Kennedy's denial of support tipped the scales in the election. This belief will embitter Clinton toward Kennedy, whom he had previously admired.

Republicans make significant gains in both the House and the Senate, but, thanks to aggressive campaigning on behalf of Democratic candidates by President Sam Nunn and Vice-President Bill Bradley, fail to capture control of either one.

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