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May 29

In 1917, on this day the celebrated Irish American actor John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy" was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. After his war-time service in the Navy, he sought fame and fortune in Hollywood. Jack's domineering father Joseph, Sr. had no objections, because he was too busy guiding the political career of oldest son, Joe, Jr., who had become a hero during World War II.

Starring Jack KennedyOf course most of us remember Jack Kennedy for his supporting role as Red Grant, the sexy but sinister Irish gunman who tries to kill James Bond in From Russia With Love. Indeed, who can forget that dazzling grin as he shook his shock of unruly red hair and said, "I won't kill you until you .. uh .. crawl over heah and kiss my foot". Of course, his long marriage to Marilyn Monroe added to his appeal.

But we should also recall all the starring parts that followed his dazzling debut, playing IRA men in movies like A Prayer for the Dying, Touch the Devil, Patriot Games and the film that won him his Academy Award, Shadow of a Gunman. One might argue that he eventually started seeming a bit too old for all those action scenes, and he certainly did become type cast .. but we must all agree that he was a terrific type at that. So now on his 95th birthday, we can only say, once again, "Up our Favorite Movie Rebel!".

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