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November 6

In 1923, on this day the thirty-eighth President of the United States Robert P. ("Bob") Griffin was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Robert P. Griffin
38th US President
During the Second World War he enlisted in the 71st Infantry Division and spent fourteen months in Europe. After the war, he graduated from Central Michigan College (now Central Michigan University) at Mount Pleasant in 1947. He received a law degree from the University of Michigan Law School and was admitted to the bar in 1950. He commenced the practice of law in Traverse City.

Griffin was elected as a Republican to U.S. House of Representatives from the Michigan's 9th congressional district in 1956, unseating incumbent Ruth Thompson in the Republican primary. He served in the Eighty-fifth United States Congress and to the four succeeding Congresses, serving from January 3, 1957, until his resignation May 10, 1966. He was appointed by Governor George Romney on May 11, 1966, to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Patrick V. McNamara. He was elected November 8, 1966, to a full six-year term, defeating former Governor "Soapy" Williams.

Only two years later, he was the surprise third choice choice for Richard Nixon's running mate. The original candidates were Maryland governor Spiro T. Agnew and fellow Michiganer George Romney who were both forced to withdraw from the the due race for very different reasons. Griffin played almost no meaningful role in the White House until the Watergate Crisis engulfed the Nixon Administration.
This post is a variant ending to two posts Death of President George Romney and President George W. Romney, Reboot.

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