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November 6

In 2011, suddenly, and without any warning from the world's astronomers, four heavenly bodies converge into a shining new Star of Bethlehem which bathes in God's holy light the nuclear-armed Jericho missiles being readied for the cowardly destruction of Iran's atomic research facilities. And the unmistakeable sound of a trumpet is heard across the entire region by the millions who pray for peace in the Middle East.

Mullah-edThe God-fearing Israeli service men are shaken out of the destructive madness of their mission by these SIGNS. They CHOOSE to break themselves out of a senseless cycle of hatred, reprogramming the flight paths to the Old City of Jerusalem. Transformed into "Fishers of men", they replace the doomsday payloads with crates containing thousands of white doves that fill up the Autumn sky with joy and hope.

Sensing deliverance from God's divine intervention, Christians, Jews and Muslims embrace each other in holy dread. United together for the first time, they overthrow the regimes of the haters, the false prophets who plugged their ears while the world screamed in fear. Instead they CHOOSE to painfully set about building a new multi-faith nation of Canaan based upon the principle of brotherhood. And write a new constitution that forever enshrines the love of our common humanity, beginning with the deep truth that "Life is a beautiful poem written by the hand of God".

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