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November 6

In 1962, on this day, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon won the gubernatorial race in his home state by the narrowest of margins (less than tenth of a percentage of the electorate) due to the unexpectedly poor voter turnout from Californian Democrats.

A Thousand Days
By Ed, Matt Dattilo, Scott Palter & Stan Brin
His losing opponent was the incumbent Governor, Pat Brown. During the campaign, certain discrediting facts had been leaked about a series of unreported felonies committed by men who were convicted murderers that Brown had seen fit to pardon. Also discredited in the eyes of Californian Democrats was Nixon's opponent in the 1960 Presidential Election. But in this case, the fall in popularity was due to actions committed by the opposite sex.

With the 1964 election on the horizon, the President visited California, but tragically, was assassinated in San Diego on 6th June 1963. Nixon revealed some of his frustration with the events of the previous three years by speaking some sharp words into a "hot mike". Having adressed the media and wrongly believing that the microphone was switched off, he added, "You won't have Jack Kennedy to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is his last press conference". continues in Part 2

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