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November 5

In 2008, on this day the German Board of Film Censors prohibited the distribution of Quentin Tarantino's Jewish revenge movie "Inglorious Basterds", classifying both of the two "Bear Jew Execution Scenes" as gratuitously violent.
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Dead LetterThe final reel of the movie depicts "Operation Kino", a successful mission by a team of Jewish American OSS soldiers which barbeques the entire Nazi High Command in a Parisian cinema whilst they are watching the propaganda movie "Nation's Pride".

Recognising an unmissable opportunity to save his own skin, the anti-hero SS Colonel Hans Landa allows the plot to proceed, permitting the "Bear Jew" Sergeant Donny Donovitz (pictured, played by Eli Roth) to escape in exchange for his own amnesty from the Holocaust war-crimes he has committed throughout the movie. However, Donovitz double crosses Landa, and executes him in the forest just before reaching Allied Lines, realising that the deal is a dead letter now that the war is over.

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