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November 3

In 1964, on this day the emergence of damning photographic evidence that supported the continuing media revelations about his alleged affair with sister-in-law Jacky destroyed Robert Kennedy's electoral support and New Yorkers overwhelmingly re-elected the incumbent Republican Senator Kenneth Keating.

The Lovers
Article written by Ed & Amnah Khan
The Lancelot and Guinevere style tryst between the lovers signalled the bitter end of Camelot but in truth Kennedy had consistently polled two million less votes than Johnson and his prospects for election were always far from certain.

Fearing the emergence of a powerful new rival, Johnson had not taken any chances, allowing the "Jackiegate" scandal to leak to anti-Kennedy reporters in Boston, Washington and New York.

Of course Kennedy had no one to blame but himself. It was his own fear of this career-destroying revelation that was the sinister motive behind his decisions as US Attorney General that compromised the Warren Commission.

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