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October 27

In 2011, relaunching his movie career for the fourth time, actor John Travolta turned his back on the violent character roles that he had played for the previous seventeen years.

Change of DirectionHe played the disturbed manic super agent Charlie Wax (pictured) in his final violent movie, "From Paris With Love" filmed just days before the tragic death of his sixteen year old son.

Following a period of grieving he became refocused in the relief activities in Haiti. Using his expertise as a pilot, he flew a jetliner carrying earthquake relief supplies, doctors and ministers into Port-au-Prince. And it was during this period out of the movie business that he reflected upon his unintentional impact as an role model for gun culture. He decided that he had accidentially become a bone-headed anti-hero, like Charlie Wax. Because in a sense, the characterization was an accident caused by Quentin Taratino selecting him for the part of Vincent Vega in the 1994 movie "Pulp Fiction". He mused he might even "go grey", a reference to the post-Fonz characters played by Henry Winkler.

Rumours soon followed of a further revelation involving a possible split with the Church of Scientology.

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