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October 21

In 1600, on this day in Sekigahara, forces loyal to Toyotomi Hideyori (including many clans from Western Japan) won the Battle for the Sundered Realm.

Tokugawa clan lose the Battle of SekigaharaAt a crucial moment in the fighting defectors charged down the Clans of Eastern Japan.

This chance move ultimately ensured that Mitsunari (rather than Tokugawa Ieyasu) would rise to the position of Shogun. The outcome of this internal conflict had dramatic consequences that reververated throughout South-East Asia and beyond.

Under reinvigorated new leadership, Japan headed in a new strategic direction, developing international trade links and choosing to keep her borders open. Within two centures, an increasingly Christian nation had established a commercial footprint in a wider geography that stretched as far as the Aleutian Islands.

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