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October 18

In 1919, on this day Pierre Elliott Trudeau was born in Montreal, Quebec.

Trudeaumania LiteHis predecessor Lester B. Pearson brought him into the centre of Federal Government to serve as a "Wise Man" during the development of the Quebec Crisis. But he did far more than participate in the national debate, he used his base in Montreal to seize control of the Liberal Party and emerged as a controversial, charismatic leader, inspiring "Trudeaumania". He served as the fifteen Prime Minister of Canada for eleven years until he met his nemesis at the ballot box.

Because by the later seventies, a formidable rival appeared in the form of Peter Lougheed. As the Premier of Alberta, he was hugely reluctant to leave regional politics, but was persuaded by the party base to enter the race and succeed Robert Stanfield when he stood down in 1976. Gifted with charisma, he had become regional leader in 1967, going on to win a majority government in 1971, ending 36 years of unbroken Socred rule in the province. And as the national leader of the Federal Progressive Conservative Party he won a landslide victory at the 1979 election, and Trudeau's career came to an abrupt end. Because within a year, Quebec voted for secession and Trudeaumania became a distant memory.

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