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October 15

In 1962, just a fortnight after the iconic news anchor John F. Kennedy (pictured) announced the tragic death of Walter Cronkite, a transformative event occured that would in time bring to a crashing halt the progress of the Civil Rights Movement.

Gone Crackers 2 Civil Rights Movement enters Stormy Waters after the loss of an anchorAfter watching the footage of an armed confrontation between the Federal and State Troopers at the University of Mississippi in which Cronkite was killed, the media elite had jumped to the conclusion that the country was teetering on the verge of Civil War. And yet as shocking as those images were, they were soon overshadowed by a new set of photographs taken by Major Richard Heyser in San Cristóbal, Pinar del Río Province, in western Cuba. Because the U-2 flight of Heyser had obtained unequiovacal photographic evidence that the Soviet Union was constructing a launch site for medium range ballistic missiles.

As a result, the very future of the Federal Government itself would be determined during the course of October. Should the continental United States suffer catastrophic damage, then the odds favoured a long period of martial law. And if the seat of Government was destroyed, then perhaps states rights might prevail and potentially the desegregation progress of the previous decade reversed in the Deep South.

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