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October 14

In 2009, on this day writer-director's Darren Aronofsky's biting political satire of the Global War on Terror, "The Death of Captain America" premiered in cinemas across the United States.

The Death of Captain AmericaThe opening sequence quickly reviews the history of the protoganist Steve Rogers.
Watch the The origin of Captain America (Episodes 1-3) - Part 1

Exquisitely played by Jackie Earle Haley the actor is perhaps best known for his roles as Kelly Leak in "The Bad News Bears" but he is of course famous for his incredible tour de force as Rorshacht in the movie "The Watchmen".

The "Fifty years ago, you were Dr. Vaselli's ridiculous idea. You remain a clownish symbol that no one cares about" ~ Red SkullFilmed in black and white to depict the simpler moral equations of the era the wimp Steve Rogers is transformed by the Super-Soldier Serum and set to fight the Axis Powers (pictured). But on the cusp of victory, the plane carrying him and sidekick James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes is lost in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. Cryogenically frozen in a block of ice, Captain America is worshipped as a God by the Arctic Inuit tribe before the melting snows of global warming release the superhero in 2003.

Traumatised by feelings of guilt over the loss of Bucky, Steve Rogers enters the dystopian world of the early twenty-first century, forced to completely re-evaluate his own symbol as a national icon. In fact Rogers is shocked to discover America is fighting in his name when President Kimball declares "To Captain America, wherever he is. We're all back in the fight". In an admittedly far-fetched plot development, and to the shame and puzzlement of President Kimball, the protagonist becomes an anti-war protestor.

Shot twice in the back by rogue CIA agents during a protest rally, he finally learns that Bucky is still alive and grasps his last chance for redemption. The final scene depicts a dying Steve Rogers' final minutes as his spirit guides James Newman, a young American soldier fighting in Afghanistan.

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