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October 13

In 1944, in Czarist St. Petersburg, Red Star Radio Berlin reporter "Club Foot" Joey Goebbels interviewed film director Adolf Hitler.

The Plot Against Germany Part 2For sure his dystopian reactionary movie "the Iron Dream" had generated some wild excitment in the new political atmosphere created by the passing of Chancellor Ernst Thälmann. But the artist, writer and vegetarian crank made Goebbels instantly suspicious of the real motivations for shooting the movie.

Therefore with some reluctance he agreed to attend the premiére and was presented to the movie cast including co-stars Ronald Reagan and Ingrid Bergman. He also met Joseph Stalin a government friend of Hitler's who he subsequently discovered was a high official in the revived Okhrana and a well known power behind the throne. He quickly became convinced that the real purpose of the movie was subversive, nothing less than a dastardly Plot Against Communist Germany.

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