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October 12

In 517 AD, Mordred the rightful King of England (pictured) died in the tragic climax to the assault on the palatial Roman villa of Camlann where the pretender Artorius had been holding court.

Good King Mordred dies in the Strife of CamlannA famous standard-bearer in the Romano-British Army, he was of course little more than a tin-pot auxiliary that had wildly overestimated his charisma. And certainly his overbold statement "Any man who would be a knight and follow a king .. follow me" had quickly rung hollow. Soon enough the resulting loyalty of his Roman-trained soldiers was put to the severest test and naturally they deserted him at the last.

Because their legendary exploits of galloping around the country on black horses might have earned them a fearsome reputation, but the arrival of the King's Knights in shining armour had brought the mischief to a crashing halt. Holed up like bandits in a grandiose residence laid out in the basic organisation of the Emperor Domitian's palace, they had quickly realized that Artorius was a rogue. Recognizing this acceptance of the truth, and to avoid the "Strife of Camlann" taking too many lives, Mordred had called out Artorius but they both perished as a result of fatal injuries sustained during the duel.

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