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October 5

In 2011, following the tragic death of co-founder Steve Jobs on this day, US blue-collar labour advocate George Lucas announced the temporary suspension of "Occupy Apple Campus" promising that their protest of the company's outsourced manufacturing to China would resume in November.

Occupy Apple Campus
By Scott Palter, Jeff Provine & Ed
Just before the tragic news broke, protestors had been burning replicas of the iPAD2 and iPhone4 devices which were produced at Foxconn factories in Chengdu and Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. In sharp contrast, Lucas had always insisted that the delivery of his own lifestyle products was achieved exclusively through US blue collar crafts. The difference in opinions had led to twenty-something Apple customers organizing a counter protest called Occupy Skywalker Ranch.

With the US entering election year, the very public Lucas vs. Jobs argument had transformed the issue of wealth distribution into a dispute within the 1% as well as an agenda item for the 2012 Presidential Race.
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