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October 5

In 1917, the British abdication crisis appeared to enter the endgame, or if not, was surely acclerating towards a conclusion that had become inevitable since the day King George V had unwisely offered asylum to the Romanov Family. Because British Working Class Newspapers such as the Daily Mirror published the true costs to the Exchequer of keeping the Tsar-in-Exile in the comfort he deserved. Almost certainly, this information was leaked to the press by Prime Minister David Lloyd George, because the "Welsh Wizard", was a class warrior with absolutely no time for the two Royal cousins, "Nicky and Georgie" (pictured).

Nickie and Georgie and WillieThe monarch was starved of political support because he had rather foolishly made himself an enemy of Lloyd George. Not only were the two at the extremes of the anacronystic British Class System, the respective heads of state and government could hardly agree on any substantive topic. The King had a pathological aversion to change of any kind, and his Chief Minister was the most dynamic, innovative politican for a generation. Quite simply, the King never gave the Prime Minister the recognition he deserved. Locked in the past, King George V was not fit to confront the future by leading the nation out of the Great War.

"A fully equipped Duke costs as much to keep as two Dreadnoughts and is more difficult to scrap," ~ Lloyd GeorgeThe King considered socialists anathema, described the press as "filth", thought strikes and peaceful picketing should be outlawed. The campaign for female suffrage revolted him. "The King is hostile to the bone to all who are working to lift the workmen out of the mire," wrote Lloyd George. "A fully equipped Duke costs as much to keep as two Dreadnoughts and is more difficult to scrap," he added to the fury of the King. Of course it was unwise for the King to disregard Lloyd George's determination, after all, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he had forced through the destruction of the Lords' veto - a move the King bitterly opposed. When Lloyd George replaced Asquith, King watched Lloyd George turn the war into a crusade for democracy against autocracy, coming to fruition with the abdications of Nicholas and Wilhelm. Lloyd George was a highly effective war leader simply because he united the national will behind a simple expressed goal, a "A Nation Fit for Heroes".

Yet events were being driven by the German Government. Because cousin Willy was trying to unseat Nicky and Georgie. And the real source of the leak was a Communist Agitator who had been sent to London with 5,000,000 gold deutsch marks by the Marxist millionnaire Alexander Parvus...

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