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September 30

In 1962, following the tragic death of iconic white journalist Walter Cronkite, the right-wing "gotcha" media began to decisively turn against the Civil Rights Movement.

Gone Crackers 1 Civil Rights Movement enters Stormy Waters after the loss of an anchorEven though the Movement itself was governed by peaceful principles, the reaction clearly was not; a series of violent escalations began to rip the fabric of society apart. And the campus struggle at the previously segregated University of Mississippi had brought a frightening new development, a direct confrontation between Federal and State Level troopers.

When Cronkite was shot in the cross-fire while reporting the controversial admission of an African American student James Meredith, the media elite had concluded that the country was now on the verge of Civil War. Thereafter all major news channels began to sharply criticize the actions of the Movement and its leaders. Then two weeks later, some even more devastating photographic images were taken.

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