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September 24

In 1645, on this day on this day their hard-fought victory at the Battle of Rowton Heath enabled Royalist forces to relieve the besieged port city of Chester.

Royalist Victory at the Battle of Rowton HeathThe victory was made possible by the link-up with the forces of Marquess of Montrose which had become an imperative after the main Royalist army had been destroyed at the Battle of Naseby. But the decisive factor was the accidental discovery that the Parliamentarian Commander Sydnam Poyntz and a huge force of three thousand horse had pursued King Charles (pictured) when he order the march on Chester, desperately needing to relieve his only remaining port.

The result, a decisive victory for the Royalist cavalry led by Commanders Marmaduke Langdale and Lord Bernard Stewart, was a dramatic reversal of fortune for the beleagured House of Stuart.

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