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September 24

In 2001, in a televised address from the Oval Office US President Sandra Day O'Connor confirmed that it was an ad hoc civilian militia who seized control of United Airlines Flight 93 and crashed the Boeing 757 into the headquarters of the Federal Reserve on September 11th.

Lets RollThe perpetrators were acting under the false conviction that the Federal Reserve System was somehow transferring wealth from the poor and middle classes to a shadowy group of international bankers that wanted to own America, said the President.

But most alarming of all was a sound recording taken from the cabin which revealed reluctance to break into the cabin and overpower the pilots. But at this late stage an unidentified man with a commanding voice rallied the perpetrators with the calm, but firm words "Are you guys ready? Lets Roll".

Because it was precisely this form of devolved power sharing, this lawlessness in the American pysche that Federalists had fought ever since the beginning of the Republic, most decisively in John Adams razor-thin victory in 1800.

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