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September 23

In 2012, humanity's first contact with a superior alien species was concluded by the decommissioning of the majority-Mlosh city of Qu'Mar.

First ContactThe extra-terresterials had arrived seeking nothing other than spare parts, planning to stay no longer than necessary to complete the repair work to their asteroid-damaged spaceship before continuing on their way. But of course human technology was incapable of scaring up the resources let alone the tools for the equipment, and the Mlosh were forced to establish a temporary base.

Although the serene aliens were in no great hurry to depart, world leaders wanted to rush through the operation at high speed. Because a number of humans hoped that the Mlosh WOULD intervene on their behalf in order to reset the imbalance in earthly affairs. The result was very much like the unwanted arrival of family members, an exasperating amount of money was spent on accomodation, but the sense of resentment was overwhelmed by palpable relief at their departure.

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