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September 17

In 1462, on this day the royal and municipal armed forces of Piotr Dunin's Polish Army were decisively beated by the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Świecino.

Teutonic Knights triumph at the Battle of ŚwiecinoThe victorious commanders Fritz Raweneck and Kaspar Nostyc had led a force of two thousand seven hundred mercenaries gathered from the nearby castles Mewe (Gniew), Stargard (Starogard Gdański), Nowe, Skarszewy and Kiszewy.

Raweneck also had the supply chain (tabors), cannons and up to thirteen hundred auxiliary infantry of Pomeranian peasants, used mainly for fortification works. He took the brutal command decision to order the tabors to lead the charge, absorbing the very heavy fire from crossbows of the Polish infantry. Teuton units then savaged the Polish heavy cavalry under Pawel Jasieński and the battle was won.

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