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September 17

In 1787, on this day the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of both the Union and the federal government was adopted by the Constitutional Convention and later ratified at a local level in the name of "We, the States".

A future-proofed US ConstitutionThe leader of the Virginia delegatation, Patrick Henry had originally refused to attend the Federal Convention, planning to use the power of his rhetoric to defeat the Constitution when it was later presented at the State Ratifying Convention. Persuaded to attend, he convinced the other delegates that the draft preamble smacked of consolidated government rather than confederation. "We, the People" was both improper and illegal because "the people had no right to enter into leagues, alliances or confederations. States and foreign powers are the only proper agents for his kind of government".

Evidence of the success of Henry's gambit soon followed. The Governor of New York, George Clinton issued a "Neutrality Proclamation" after President George Washington had done so at a federal level. And the heads of both Clinton and Henry' would be sculptured at Mount Rushmore, symbolizing their critical involvement in the protection of States Rights at the birth of the Republic.

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