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September 14

In 1180, on this day the incomparable samarai Ōba Kagechika was killed and his Taira clan forces crushed at a fierce battle fought in the Hakone Mountains.

Early Decision in the Jishō-Juei WarThe victors were the warriors of the rival Minamoto clan led by the would-be rebel leader Yoritomo. He had been was exiled by Taira no Kiyomori following the Heiji Rebellion of 1160. When Kiyomori heard that Yoritomo had left Izu Province for the Hakone Pass, he appointed Ōba Kagechika to stop him. But they bungled a surprise attack in the night and Yoritomo emerged victorious.

Of course the real beneficiary of the Jishō-Juei War would be the new Shōgun, the Takakura Prince, Minamoto Mochimitsu. He would occupy the Imperial Throne for many years, and the influence of Yoritomo would sharply diminish.

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