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September 13

In 533, on this day the Vandal army of King Gelimer defeated a larger force of Romans and Hun mercenaries under the command of Byzantine general Belisarius (pictured) in a battle fought at Battle of Ad Decimum, the ten mile post near the city of Carthage.

Vandals win the Battle of the Ten Mile PostThe triumph was the result of a bold decision1 to divide his forces, sending two thousand men under his nephew Gibamund across a salt pan to flank Belisarius' army, which was advancing in narrow columns along the road. Another Vandal force, under Gelimer's brother Ammatas, initiated a holding action at a defile near Ad Decimum. Gelimer's seven thousand-man main body followed Gibamund around the Roman left flank and cut off their retreat.

It was a shattering defeat for the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I who was hoping to use the defeat of his rival to launch a reconquest of the Western Empire.

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