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September 12

In 1213, on this day the Catharist, Aragonese and Catalan forces of Peter II of Aragon defeated the Crusading army of Simon IV de Montfort in a battle fought at Muret in south-western France.

Count Raymond VI of Toulouse, Hero of the Battle of MuretPeter had set the field, choosing to position his army so their right flank was protected by the Saudrune River, and the left protected by a marsh. He left the Toulousain militia to assault the walls of the city.

But although the forces were equally matched, the real hero of the day was Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse. His foolish brother-in-law (Peter) had fully intended to take the field in the plain armour of a common soldier. Worse still, he had also rejected his sound advice to adopt a defensive posture in order to weaken the advancing enemy with bowshot and javelins. Only when Raymond had actually threatened to withdraw the Toulousain militia had he been forced to see sense. Although these suggestions were rightly viewed as unknightly and dishonorable, they proved absolutely necessary during the prosecution of hostilities.

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