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September 12

In 2010, on this day Neill Blomkamp's animatrix quality science fiction movie "District 10" premiered in movie theatres across North America.
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District 10Set three years later, the sequel concludes the struggle with the cynical multinational organisation charged with operating the alien refugee camp in Johannesburg. Because the real agenda of Multi National United (MNU) is to reverse engineer the alien's advanced biotechnology weapons.

The "poleepkwa" Christopher Johnson returns onboard the mothership, intent on freeing his fellow "prawns" (pictured, bottom right). Also to honour a promise to MNU Officer Wikus van der Merwe (pictured, top left) - himself a victim of those same experiments - who transmogrified into a "prawn" after meddling with Johnson's fuel pod in the first movie. "Get your fookin' tentacle out of my face!" ~ Wikus Van De MerweJohnson promised to return with help to reverse the process, requiring medical technology from the poleepkwa home world.

In the final sequence to the movie, we discover the shocking truth when Johnson's new form is revealed. Because all of the poleepkwa on Earth are really humanoids infected by the same transmogrifying disease as van der Merwe.

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