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September 11

In 916, on this day the incomparable Magyar commander Bulcsú ("man of blood") was born in Regensburg, Bavaria; his father Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Kal, also bore the title harka (military leader).

Man of BloodFighting alongside the chieftains Lél (Lehel) and Sér he led the Magyars to a dramatic victory in 955 at the flood plain that lies along the Lech River. The first national German battle against a foreign enemy ended in abject defeat, and King Otto's dreams of a Holy Roman Emperor were utterly destroyed on the battlefield. And yet all was not lost for Otto's countrymen, because although the Magyars subsequently overran Germany, the territory proved far too big for the Magyars to subdue. After a series of skirmishes, they ran out of of manpower and were decisively beaten.

Fleeing to the Black Sea, they left undefended the Pannonian Basin which was subsequently occupied by the Germans and eventually became the present day state of Lower Bavaria.

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