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September 11

In 1297, on this day Andrew de Moray's Scottish rebel army of the North arrived too late to prevent the heavily outnumbered forces of William Wallace from crashing to defeat at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Battle of Stirling Bridge Before the rebel Scottish armies could combine forces, the English Commander John de Warenne pre-emptively ordered a devastating direct attack across the bridge. This strategem was fraught with risk because the small bridge was only broad enough to allow two horsemen to cross abreast, the very reason why de Moray had advised Wallace to fight in this location.

Sir Richard Lundie, a Scots knight who joined the English after the capitulation at Irvine, offered to outflank the enemy by leading a cavalry force over a nearby ford, where sixty horsemen could cross at the same time. But de Warenne was persuaded by the King Edward's treasurer in Scotland (Hugh Cressingham) who urged the English Commander to seize the oppportunity to end the War of Scottish Independence. In fact the Earl of Surrey's military calculations were falsely based on the disorderly Scottish army of 1296 and in the event Wallace's men put up a determined, but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to seize control of the English bridgehead.

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