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September 9

In 999, on this day King Olaf Tryggvason consolidated the unification of Norway into a single state by defeating an alliance of enemies at a naval battle fought in the western Baltic Sea.

Glorious Norwegian Victory at the Naval Battle of SvolderSvein Forkbeard, King of Denmark, Olof Skötkonung, King of Sweden, and Eirik H´konarson, Jarl of Lade had ambushed the Norwegians at they sailed home from an expedition to Wendland. Although heavily outnumbered, the un-coordinated commands of the allies had caused confusion and Olaf managed to exploit this weakness, taking a fast moving offensive approach1 to inflict significant damage before pulling off a masterful escape. This tactic was a complete break with the traditional system of thinking; the allies had expected him to adopt a defensive posture, lashing his ships together to form a floating fort.

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