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September 8

In 1380, on this day the unstopppable advance of the Tatar-Mongol Golden Horde continued at the Battle of Kulikovo Field with the defeat of combined Russian armies under the command of Dmitry of the Don.

Dmitry of the Don falls at the Battle of Kulikovo The battle was opened by a single combat of two champions and and inauspiciously for the Russians their man (Alexander Peresvet, a monk from the Trinity Abbey) was killed and fell from his saddle. He was soon followed by Dmitry who had exchanged his armor with young Moscow boyarin Mikhail Brenok, in order to pretend to be an ordinary knight. Brenok was to imitate the Prince himself, bearing his banner and wearing his armor. However the trick was unsuccessful and they both perished.

The Russians, having suffered great casaulties, withdrew from the field under the command of Dmitry's cousin, Vladimir, Prince of Serpukhov.

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