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September 7

In 2005, on this day Danny Cannon's action movie "Judge Dredd II: The Doomsday Scenario" premiered in movie theatres across North America.
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Doomsday Scenario by Ed. and Eric OppenLoosely derived from the AD 2000 Comic, progs 1141-1164 and 1167, and Megazine 3.52-3.59 Christian Bale played a more faithful adaptation of the character than Sylvester Stallone, keeping his face covered throughout the movie (as the real Judge Dredd does in the comic). His deadly archenemy Orlok is a former judge of East-Meg One, the city which was destroyed in the Apocalypse War two decades before. In the sequel, a vengeful Orlok attempts to overcome Justice Department by spreading the Block Mania virus across Mega-City One.
The truer depicton of Dredd was heralded as a masterpiece by fans of the comic, although American's lack of familiarity with the milieu limited the movie's commercial success.

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