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September 4

In 2007, striking an impressive pose at the launch site the Mission Commander for Lunar Ark 2 Lieutenant S.D. Bob "Snake" Plissken fielded a question about his intended handling of the protocols of interplanetary diplomacy by reassuring the world's media that he would not hesitate to pop a cap in a Mlosh butt should the alien pirates be stupid enought to make a second attempt to seize the Earth's cultural assets.
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Moongoogle 2Ex-special forces commando/war hero in World War III turned criminal, he returned to active duty after apprehension and coercion by the United States Police Force who needed to secure top-secret material from the ex-cities turned maximum security prisons of Los Angeles and Manhattan.

The result of the desperation of this new mission was an even greater level of coercision. Tucked behind a deck of American Spirit cigarettes in the top pocket of his space suit he has a written assurance from President Larry Sweetgrass that Plissken would become the fifth face on Mount Rushmore.

Shortly after take-off, the ark is boarded by the Mlosh who had hacked into Google and watched the press conference with not a little amusement. Alien space pirate commander M'KolKa forces the boarding tube but is immediately confronted by Ark security. "I heard you were dead", says M'KolKa, to which Plissken retorts "I heard you were taller".

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