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September 3

In 1946, on this day after the final ultimatum was ignored, the Secret Nazi base in New Swabia, Antarctica was destroyed by an atomic bomb dropped from the B-29 "Sally Jupiter" of the 509th Composite Group.

End of Operation High Jump Admiral Byrd drops the "Snow Ball" by Ed, Paul J. Adam et alThis bomb ("Snow Ball") killed most of the expendable personnel left behind and destroyed the hangars and launch facilities.

The vaunted Reichsflugscheiben had of course evacuated to the moonbase the day before.

The last survivors of the Nazi base surrendered to a British destroyer that served in the blockade patrol in the area. These survivors had to mutiny and kill their last few hard-liner leaders, in order to be able to do the sensible thing. They told their rescuers that after finishing their food stocks, and after the ensuing grisly episodes of madness and cannibalism, they were sure they couldn't get through another winter. This article is taken from the NaziUFO thread.

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