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August 25

In 1866, with the US Congress in Philadelphia deeply divided between Free Soil Republicans and Southern sympathizing Tory Democrats the debate over the Reconstruction Programme in the North entered a new phase with the reports of armed clashes in New Mexico between drifting Confederate and settled black Union Veterans.

Bloody New Mexico
By Ed, Armand A. Ruhlman, Jeff Provine and Scott Palter
A huge northward exodus of African Americans had begun almost immediately after the signature of the "Two Americas" peace settlement that followed the Southern occuptation of Washington City.

But in the event many parts of the rural and small city North simply banned Freedmen or chased out newcomers. Because the dreadful truth was that much of the North had objected to slavery because they objected to white men having to compete with black labor.

Increased African American representation added a new dimension to the 1866 Congressional elections and the result was a deeply divided governing class that could only seem to agree on the need to prevent the "Second Birth of the Nation" ending in tragedy.

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